Hi. New member here. Hoping someone can help.

Iím far from a small engine expert, but Iíve spent sixty years hotrodding and working on cars in general, so I do know my way around an internal combustion engine. My problem is with a small pressure washer. The unit is powered by a Lifan 2.5 hp, 4-cycle, recoil-start motor. I use the washer infrequently, maybe once a year. When I finish with it, I have always drained the tank and run it out of gas. When it runs, it works well, but hereís the issue:

When first started and warmed-up, it runs fine. If I use it for an hour, then shut it off for whatever reason, it wonít re-start. This has happened to me twice now, and both times the culprit has been the intake valve, which apparently becomes so gummed up it just remains in the open position. The valve spring, keeper, and lifter are all in good condition. When I finally free up and remove the valve (reluctantly admitting to using channellock pliers to do that) the stem and head look perfect and are not damaged or bent.

Iím thinking of either running a drill bit through the valve guide to enlarge it a bit, or chucking the valve in a drill and turning the stem with Emory cloth. I have to do something to correct this problem. I canít be doing a major tear down every time I use the stupid thing.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!