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Thread: fan in outside cooling unit problems

  1. Default fan in outside cooling unit problems

    new to this forum, moved over from one of the others. Thanks to all in advance ...

    The fan on my outside cooling unit is not coming on with the compressor. It worked all night last night, but stopped again today. Checked all wiring connections, etc. What could cause this problem? unit model #: CCU10A42A-1.....Thanks

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    If the compressor comes on but the condenser fan doesnt, then the fan is probably bad. It's powered by the compressor contactor so there isn't much else to fail and keep the compressor running. If the cap on the fan is external then it may have failed but they are usually internal on small fans.

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    I know a very little about HVAC. So take this info for what you paid for it.
    It depends on your system. The condenser fan on some unit(maybe all) doesn't come instantly with the compressor. It comes on when certain pressures rise indicating a need for the fan. If the fan isn't getting any power then the controls for the fan are not working or maybe the fan doesn't need to run.
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    Unless you have a high end (fancy) condenser then you just have 1 contactor with a single set of contacts. (all on or all off)

    The fan and the compressor always run at the same time. The purpose of the fan is to pull cooler air into the condensor through the coils and blow the now hot air out the top of the unit. This also cools your compressor at the same time. The unit will run without the fan but it will be horribly inefficient. A high efficiency unit with a variable / multi speed compressor may have a multi speed fan but these have only been around a few years. Most condensors are fairly simple. You posted a model number but not a make. I might be able to find you a schematic for your unit if you can give me the manufacturer.

    Below is a "typical" diagram. Depending on your unit, the caps may be different, or even internal. A failed cap can be your problem too.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RheemDiagram.jpg 
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    UPDATE: I found a manual but it wont let me post the link and this site wont let me upload the manual.. Use GOOGLE and enter "allied air CCU10 manual" the 3rd item down should be "download.pdf" That is your spec manual and it has your wiring diagrams (similar to the pic i posted), but unfortunatly no part numbers.
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    thanks, guys. Mr T...Thanks for the manual. All I had was the connection diagram on the connection cover.
    The fan does shut off sometimes, but it does not appear to be normal "cycling". I think the capacitor is at least partially at fault. Where can I buy one locally without a license or account with the vendor? the compressor is working, but I can't tell if it needs Freon or not. have a buddy that can charge it, if I get everything else in order. Sorry to be late getting back with you. Daughter was admitted to a local ment hth hosp, and I have grand kids.

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    update...the flash code led is now showing solid red (thermostat demand present, but compressor not running), while the compressor fan ISrunning. is it possible that the capacitor is the problem? the capacitor connects to fan and compressor.

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    It's possible that it is the cap but they are hard to test without special tools.

    Some HVAC shops will sell to the public, but they may sell at off-the-truck prices.
    If you have a heating supply house in the area they often will sell to the public. Just call and ask first.

    Take the cap in (you might get lucky and they will test it for you).
    Take the fan with you too just in case.
    Take a clear picture of the nameplate on the unit.

    If your friend is lisenced for HVAC and has the proper equipment then he can check the refrigerant levels. He also will know how to test your fan/cap and get the parts cheaper. A car gauge set probably wont work for this and a household AC takes different refrigerant then a car does.
    Some compressors have a low pressure cutout switch to protect the compressor. However this will not effect the operation of your fan.

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    tried to reply yesterday, but can't find post...Looks like fan might be bad, and will try to trouble shoot it, or maybe take it to Hughes supply and see if they will test it I am concerned about the compressor. It cools, but does not stay on long enough to get the ceiling vent air lower than about 74, and room air down to about 83 (90 degrees outside). Also, the red trip led is on a lot of the time indicating that the compressor may not be getting electric power. What do you think? I really appreciate your solid advice on this. You helped me fix my furnace last fall, and it worked flawlessly all winter....Eddie

    Thurs at 6:30 central...
    The connector was only $6 including tax, so I bought it...Got a price on the fan, just in case...$65. The unit now cools better, but the fan still stops after a while...Now, though, the ceiling vents are putting out 69 degree air, instead of 74-75 after only 10 minutes like yesterday. If I remember correctly, the compressor will stop if the fan is not working, so, to me it looks like a faulty fan is most likely the problem. Woiuld like to trouble shoot it to see if it might be good, and something else is causing it to shut down, but don't know where to capacitor and new connector should rule that out, though. The compressor is definitely working, as evidenced by the cooler air vent flow. the refrigerant might be low but if I can get everything mechanically in ship shape, my buddy can take care of that.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on whether my feeble line of thought is reasonable, or if I am just throwing the $65 for a new fan away. Seems like a good price to me, and if I ultimately have to buy a complete unit through a service man, I can sell the fanon ebay for probably $35-$40.
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    I suppose there is some internal problem with the fan. You need to take the help of a technician for the same or if you have knowledge then open it and see that there are no burning up of any wire. It can be a reason. I hope this will help you out.

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