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Thread: GE noise changes

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    Default GE noise changes

    This GE washer sat outside for a while covered. It made the strange sound when I first started it up. Thinking maybe it was scraping against the bottom, I decided to put a smal load in it and run it. It does not scrape the bottom. Belt? Stiff bearing from sitting outside? After I made this video, the noise changed.

    I will post the other video also.

    Second video:


    Btw, I have yet to find a model and or serial number on this thing. It does have the silver control board.
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    Put it back together, and it sounds normal with no load in it, just water. The load I had in it before was a small load on a high water level setting. I don't really think the no load situation has a bearing on it.

    I am confused as to why I can't find the numbers on this machine.

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    Videos say that are private.

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    Sorry 'bout that. If you don't mind, try it now.

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    The clanking sounds like the tranny/gearbox.....the squeel sounds like the motor.
    Possible BER.

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    Did you watch the second one where the noises quit?

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    I listened to both....had odd noises in both videos...second one was just less noticable.

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    I listened and watched the second one again, and I did pick up a sec..third noise. Two almost pecking like sounds and a dry like sound like maybe a bearing gone dry.

    Also, I am not sure about the action of the towels I have in it. It seems like they are going round and round pretty fast while agitating. There are just a few towels in it with a large load of water, but I can't be really sure how much they are being turned down as they should be. Maybe this would show better if I had a bigger load in it.

    I was hoping that it was just a little gummy from not being used and sitting outside because of the difference in the sound as it ran.
    Ran it again with a large load. That thing indexed in at least 6" increments. These were not back and forth movements, the tub was actually going around in pretty good incrments. The clothes were being turned from top to bottom, but were really going around too.

    Oh well, might just give it away.
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    Boat anchor or part it out....JMO!

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    Definitely will not be sold as a working unit.

    I am beginning to really dislike some washer brands. Don't care much for some of the dryers either.

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