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    What weight is whirlpool washer gear case oil? I have seen 60 and I have seen 90. I read one article saying you can substitue 90 non-detergent for 60.
    Opinions? The price given for 15 or 16 oz of that stuff marketed as gear oil for these machines is crazy.

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    Last time I used any it was 80 weight gear oil.

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    Suppose to be non-detergent as you don't want any foaming going on inside the tranny.

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    Heheh, I was hoping I could find a substitute if I ever needed to. That stuff is pricey.

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    Motor oil and gear oil have different weight ratings. Motor oil ratings run from 0 to 60 weight. Gear oil runs from 70 to 250 weight. 60 weight motor oil is about the same viscosity as 90 weight gear oil. Whirlpool transmission oil is 60 weight non-detergent motor oil. It is generally hard to find but you can safely use 90 weight gear oil in it's place.

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    Intereting. Thanks Fixer.

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