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Thread: Kenmore 80 Series knocking / unbalanced

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    Default Kenmore 80 Series knocking / unbalanced

    Apologies if this has been addressed but I've looked around the web quite a bit and haven't found my exact problem yet..

    I have a Kenmore 80 series top loading washing machine, Model 110. 24872300. Unsure of age.

    Experiencing a loud knocking sound every time spin cycle winds down. See 40 seconds into this video. At first I thought it was the drive block, and replaced the part. Now, AFTER the repair, the machine is very unbalanced and making loud vibrating noise during the ENTIRE spin cycle. I followed this video very carefully for the repair so I'm unsure of what I did to exacerbate any problems.

    Any advice on where to start greatly appreciated!



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    Will have to listen to the noises at work, no working speakers at home.


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    The noise at the end of the video when the spin was stopping sounded more like the brake assembly.....any noises during the spin sounded more like the tranny/gearbox to me. The spin seemed to be a good speed so I would be inclined to run the washer until something quits and then spend the money or put your money into another washer.....JMO!

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