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Thread: Maytag fridge water filter whirring. Very slow water flow. SOLVED!

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    Default Maytag fridge water filter whirring. Very slow water flow. SOLVED!

    It took me a while to find the answer to my problem so I wanted to share how I solved it. About 6 weeks ago I changed out the water filter on my Maytag MFI2568AEB fridge. Soon thereafter the fridge started with an intermittent whirring sound and very slow water flow.

    My research had lead to changing out the dual water inlet valve. I finally got around to pulling the fridge out and testing the water from the door. From the back it was clear that the whirring sound was coming from the area of the filter near the top of the fridge and not from the inlet valve at the bottom.

    Some more searching led me to an old thread in the other appliance forum in selfhelpforums discussing replacing the water filter head. Of interest was this particular post:

    The fact that the problem started immediately after installing the new filter merited a test. So I pulled down the finter cover and gave the filter a decent shove into the housing while trying to draw water from the door. Lo and behold a bit of pressure stopped the whirring noise and the water flow returned to normal!

    Of course releasing the filter brought the symptoms back. And I figure since the original thread is nearly 3 years old, that my chances of getting the original filter are small.

    Since it seems just a bit more pressure on the filter solves the problem, I simply made a shim out of a bottle top cap. Cut off the sides. Then carefully sliding the shim between the filter and the back of the housing, then sliding the cover back into place to hold everything in, I got a winner.

    I decided to post this because it took awhile to find the problem and resolve it. So hopefully it'll help someone else solve the problem in the future.

    I may test using a rubber washer instead. I figure it'll hold the filter in place without sliding.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thankx for the tip.

    Appliance Repair Aid

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    I know I am reviving an old thread, but I tried this and the tabs were too worn to work with a shim. I thought I would let you know what I did in case it will help someone else.
    Instead, I drilled out the black plastic tabs. You will feel when the drill bit gets through. It now works, I just have to shut the water line to fridge off to replace the filter. The valve is easily accessible from my basement so this isn't a big issue for me.

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