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Thread: kitchen aid d/w. #kudi01ilwh3 normal light blinking constantly

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    Default kitchen aid d/w. #kudi01ilwh3 normal light blinking constantly

    hi. I did resistance checks on the ribbon for the touchpad as shown on the tech sheet. none of the buttons were stuck on. all buttons showed ohms when depressed and open when buttons were released. the resistance readings did not settle on one # ,kept jumping around.normal led flashes, will not let me put it into test mode. i'm thinking the main control board is bad and reading stuck key even though there not stuck. what do you think?thanks.

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    I found, a copy:

    Stuck key(s) or shorted circuit(s) in keypad.
    Check keypad
    Shorted circuits or connections on the control that read the keys.
    Check control.

    Normally we see more key panal issues than board issues....but either can fail

    Key panal black
    Touchpad and control panel assembly, white
    Touchpad and control panel, Almond

    Name:  Main-Control-Board-8564543-01464073.jpg
Views: 110
Size:  3.5 KB Electronic control assembly

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    thanks jeff. well because the keypads were responding to test, i'm going to order the control board.can send it back if i'm wrong. i'll let you know.

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    Please do keep us posted.

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    hi .well after testing the touch pad keys, put it back in the unit and now its working fine! go figure!thanks again. i'll let you know if there are any changes.

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    Glad things are working again...but this that go away on their own often come back to haunt us

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