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Thread: Switch-Receptacle combo wiring problem

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    Default Switch-Receptacle combo wiring problem

    I put a new security light in to replace one that was busted. I connected the wiring to the switch (located in the kitchen) as it was before and there was no power sent to the security light - or maybe the new light is busted, but for the time being I am assuming it is OK.
    Here is the way the switch-receptacle is wired:

    I then checked a similar switch in my garage to a security light and noticed the wiring was different. Notably the black feed:

    I then moved the black feed wire to the "top" position (similar to the garage switch wiring) and promptly tripped the circuit breaker. I then returned the wiring to the original position and when I buttoned everything up, I have no power to the outlet. ??
    Before trying to install the new security light, I was getting power to the outlet. Could someone please help me out on this? Thanks

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    Same answer posted at

    You can't just look at screw positions and assume one switch/outlet is the same as another. You need to look at the color of the screws. For the one you just installed, it appears that the outlet screws are on the left (neutral on silver screw, black hot on the brass screw). The switch screws are on the right and both are black. Which of the two switch wires goes to a particular black screw does not matter.

    If your diagram is accurate, the whites all get connected with a white pigtail going to the silver screw. The black from the power source needs 2 pigtails, one to the brass screw (outlet power) and one to one of the black screws (power to switch). The black to the light goes to the other black screw (switched hot). Bare ground to the green screw.
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    You shouldn't need pigtails for the black wires. The tab should connect the switch and receptacle hot together.

    I think if you swap the white and black wires on the bottom(receptacle half) of the receptacle it will work.
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    Thank you for your replies. It seems to have been all wrong. It is OK now. I hooked the feed power to top dark screw, whites to silver and out to brass (above silver screw).

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