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    Hmm, what do you do when the piece under the surface birners has a hole rusted in it, and you have nothing to replace it with. It is just a very small hole, but still.....

    Gorilla glue or JB weld a piece over it?

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    The burner box?


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I use a high temp adhesive and cover it with a piece of tin or such......then spray paint it.

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    That was my thought. I was a little concerned about type of paint to use.
    I have some aluminum trim I thought about using since it is easy to cut and shape, but thought something closer to the mat being covered would work best. My thinking is different mat reacts differently to heat. That and the trim I have has paint on one side, and I do not know what chemicals may be on either side that may be toxic when heated.

    I also have a piece from the back of an old dryer where the vent pipe goes through I might could cut, shape, and paint to glue in place.

    P.S. Yes it is the piece you show to be #4

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    I use a BBQ style high temp paint.

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