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Thread: Help with: 1 fan serving 2 baths with 1 switch per bath

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    Unhappy Help with: 1 fan serving 2 baths with 1 switch per bath

    Anyone with HVAC experience?

    By turning ON the fan switch, the fan will be turned on, and through the relay, the common fan will be started. Similarly, the other bathroom switch will control the common fan. The fan will be ON if either of the switches are in the ON position, and the fan will be off only if both switches are in the OFF position. Note: Both bathrooms have a double-gang outlet [one switch to control the bathroom lights, another switch to control the vent fan].

    Everything was operating correctly, however, Guest Bath had the first switch related to lights and second switch related to fan & Ensuite Bath had first switch related to fan and second switch related to lights. I asked electrician to "fix" Ensuite Bath so that first switch controlled lights and second switch controlled fan...and for dimmer switches to be installed in both bathrooms to control the lights.

    Electrician got confused and thought it was a three-way switch [activating fan in one location can be turned off in other location]. I explained that this is not the case, but now the fan will only come on if initiated in Ensuite Bath. The switch in Guest Bath has power, but is no longer connected to anything [i.e. will not activate common fan].

    Had a second Electrician in to look at the problem, but he couldn't figure it out.

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    The switches need to be wired in parallel is about all I can say. Without being on site to see the cables.
    Can you describe the cables in the switch boxes and how they are connected. Did the first guy mess with anything in the guest bath or only the ensuite? Does light dimmer he worked on function properly?
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    The answer you are looking for is a double pole switch, both the lights and fan are controlled by a single switch in each bathroom.


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    You do not need any relays or double pole switches to do this. Just 2 normal single pole switches.

    (Picture obtained from the internet)

    Click image for larger version. 

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