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Electronic Control Boards - Emitter and Receiver

This set of two electronic control boards contains both the emitter and the receiver. These boards tells the icemaker when it's full and that it has to dump the ice, and it also tells the icemaker when to refill with water.

Whirlpool built refrigerators (also found on Jenn Air, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, and Maytag brand refrigerators) with the ice bin located in the door use two optic control boards to tell when the ice bin is full of ice. There is an emitter control board that sends out an infrared beam, and a receiver board that receives the infrared beam. When the ice container fills up with ice, the beam is blocked, and it tells the ice maker to stop filling up with ice. If the ice maker optic control boards fail, it can cause the ice maker to continue to make ice even when it is full of ice or turned off, or it can cause the ice maker to not produce any ice at all. The optics control boards are replaced as a set, even if only one of the two control boards are bad, both will need to be replaced.

Step#1: Open the freezer and view the status led



POSSIBLE CAUSES: The flapper door on the emitter is blocking the beam or the optics are faultly.

Step#2: Press the emitter flapper to unblock the optics beam



POSSIBLE CAUSES: The optics are faulty. Replace the emitter and receiver boards.

If the LED is on steady: The optics are working properly.

Some extra info on the emittor and receiver boards...

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