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Laundry Bag

Ever have trouble with a sock in the pump??..or small articles of clothing getting lost somewhere after the laundry is done??

I have a great solution for you!! :-)

Things caught in the pump...often "light" articles of clothing will "float" on top of the wash water and during the spin/pump cycle they can jump from the inner basket into the outer holding tank and become lodged in the pump.

Keeping all your small - light articles of clothing...E.G. nylons, socks, kids clothes, mittens...all together and not getting mixed up and lost during the wash and dryer cycles can also be a problem.

Try using a laundry bag...we use them for all of our socks ( keeps them separated so my kids cannot steal mine!! )...and helps to stop losing those little articles of clothing. Just throw these types of clothes into the bad, zip it closed and wash and dry. Unzip the bag and put away in the drawers :-)

This is an example of one...

Name:  laundrybag1.JPG
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Size:  4.6 KB Delicate clothing laundry wash bag. Place items in bag and put entire bag into washing machine. Keeps delicate items from tangling with other items in the washer, and from getting caught in cracks and crevices within the washing machine. Manufacturer Number W10180464RP

Name:  Repair-Manual-MFL31245501-01451343.jpg
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Size:  5.9 KB Service manual. WM2688H*M

Name:  Repair-Manual-8178076-00711223.jpg
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Size:  8.9 KB Duet front load washer repair manual