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Thread: test cord for dryer timer

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    Default test cord for dryer timer

    I have seen a test cord made up for a dryer timer. This cord is 110 volts. Would I be correct in assuming a test cord for a 220/240 volt timer should be 220/240 volts?

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    Yes it would....most timer "motors" are 110-120 volts AC but there are some 220-240 volt AC timer "motors" now. Have to read the voltage on the timer motor itself to be safe.

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    Yep, I have come across a couple with brown wires that show to be 220.

    Still can't figure the reasoning for this.

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    Instead of useing an resistor to cut the 220 volts down to 110 volts during the auto cycles, they would send 220 volts directly to a timer motor that is 220 volts AC.

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    Thats understandable

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