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Thread: GE Freezer Problem

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    Default GE Freezer Problem

    I have a GE freezer FUF17SVARWW that has an Electronic Temperature Control mounted on the exterior door. The interior light is intermittent and when I open the door the freezer fan if running stops and the Temperature Control "Hi Temp" and "Door Open" red lights come on and the display jumps from 4 to 8. The interior light either flickers or is off. When I close the door the Temp Control red lights go off and the display goes back to 4 which I have it set to and the fan comes back on. The freezer interior temperature is fine. What could be the problem???

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    Should be wires coming out of the bottom hinge at the door....those wires and any male-female connectors should be checked. Failing that, new control time...

    Name:  Main-Control-Board-WR55X11084-01084326.jpg
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