Appliance tip of the week.

Some devices to help prevent floods if an appliance leaks water.

Some are for dishwashers, washing machines, some will help to contain the leak and others will shut off the water supply to help minimize possible damage.

Floodstop Water-Shutoff System
The Floodstop automatic water shut-off system is designed to automatically shut off the water supply whenever your washing machine leaks, overflows, or a hose bursts. Installs in minutes. - Item Number FS3/4H90

Overflow Pan
Overflow and drip pan for underneath washing machine. Includes fitting to attach a drain line to the pan. - Item Number PM7X1

Drain Pan
Dishwasher Leak Catcher. This innovative floor mat slides underneath your dishwasher to divert any water leak to the front of the dishwasher.The tray is 20 inches wide and 15 1/2 inches deep. - Item Number FLOORMAT

Floodstop Water-Shutoff System
FloodStop is point of use, leak detection and automatic water shut-off system designed for residential and commercial dwellings. The FS1/4C uses a Motorized Ball Valve to automatically shut off the water supply whenever your dishwasher, ice maker, refrigerator, humidifier or water filter leaks - Item Number FS1/4C

Universal washing machine water supply hose set.
Dishwasher installation kit
Refrigerator Water Supply Kit