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Thread: My Range is flashing a "F" something

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    Default My Range is flashing a "F" something

    Originally posted 11-24-2013 10:01 AM

    Range/Stove Fault Codes
    My Range is flashing a "F" something.....what does this mean??
    Some terms used on this page...

    ERC - Electronic Range Control.
    Watchdog - a combination of hardware and software which acts as an internal scheme, disconnecting the systems output from the process in the event of a malfunction.
    Oven temperature sensor - What a common sensor or temp sensor looks like.

    Always remember Electricity is dangerous and should be treated with respect.

    Please pick a topic by Make and or problem...hope you find this helpful :-)

    A tip for the famous F1 fault code

    The biggest Fault Codes list that I am aware of!

    What does an oven temp sensor look like?

    Some info and tips on oven temp sensors

    Newer 4 digit fault codes - Maytag, JennAir, Magic Chef

    Newer Frigidaire fault codes

    Some newer GE built in oven fault codes are here.

    Newest Hamilton built GE clock fault codes are here.

    I have some of my own hand written fault codes, here and some more here.
    The Maytag Gemini and Maytag Accellic range fault codes are on this page.

    A tip: The supplier recently reversed the display areas for the clocks. Therefore you may find an F1-E0 code or E0-F1 code depending on the model. They both mean the same thing, and depending on the model determines the code reference, and location of the F code. Different manufacturer of the clocks caused this.
    How to test many brands of Ranges that are flashing a F1 fault code: You have either a bad ERC (clock) or a bad touch pad.

    Disconnect power to stove
    Gain access to the back of the clock (electronic range control or ERC).
    Unplug the touch pad ribbon connector from the ERC. This will be a flat wire approx. 1 1/2" to 2" wide.
    Make sure everything is clear and will not short out when power is turned back on.
    Turn power back on to stove.
    Watch for the F1 and listen for the beep.
    If you get the F1 and beep, replace the ERC.
    If after approx. 30 minutes you do NOT get the F1 and hear the beep, replace the touch pad.
    NOTE: Some models incorporate the touch pad and the clock all together as one part. * We have seen a few Maytag ranges with a F1 fault code and the problem was the oven temp sensor, check carefully the wires to and from the oven temp sensor!!

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