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Thread: Gas dryer clicks but won't spin

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    Default Gas dryer clicks but won't spin

    Originally posted 4-29-2013 11:41 PM
    By: Reason


    Looks like it was manufactured around June of 2000, (S/N xK25xxxxx)

    Summary: when I press the start button, it clicks but won't spin. If I hold it I can hear a hum. I believe a faulty thermostat and possibly my ignorance may have broken something else but don't know where to look.

    Went out last week and I determined it was likely the thermal fuse. Replaced fuse, and as recommended, the thermostat. The thermostat I replaced was right next to the fuse; there appears to be another one on the burner housing that I did not replace.

    I did manage to zap myself when I was installing the thermostat; in addition, the replacement thermostat was not labeled at all, so I was guessing as to whether or not the wires were in the right spots. However, ran one load with no issues this past weekend, so I figured it was OK.

    Today it wouldn't start.

    Reset the breaker, came back into the garage, burner was ignited and burning, but drum was not spinning. This is without intervention: restore circuit, gas lights up. Seemed problematic.

    I opened the door and it turned off (and turned the gas off). After poking around some more, I found that the new thermostat appeared to be shorting on the blower housing. I disconnected the screw and held the wires away from the housing, and it seemed to operate OK, but when I let the metal of the thermo touch the metal housing, it would spark; if I screwed it back on and plugged the dryer back in, I could hear a hum before I did anything else, and the start button wouldn't do anything.

    This, combined with the "spontaneous" ignition, makes me think that short was causing the dryer to think it was already on.

    I had kept the old thermostat for part number reference, so I reconnected it. This is when the title symptoms started. Door switch appears fine; start button will cause a loud click (sounds like a solenoid) but no spin.

    I reconnected the new thermostat, this time swapping the red wires. Nothing until I "spark tested" it by lightly bouncing it on the vent outlet (that's the ignorance part). Got a much more exciting response this time and blew the breaker again.

    Reconnected the old thermostat a second time, and I'm that's where I am.

    ideas/suggestions/insults? Would prefer the former two over the last one.

    Additional information:

    Here's the replacement thermostat I bought:

    Whirlpool 3387134 Fixed Thermostat For Dryer

    And the replacement fuse:
    3392519 Dryer Thermal Fuse - Replacement Part for Whirlpool and Kenmore Exact Fit Dryer
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