Originally posted 12-10-2018 2:30 PM
By: redoverfarm

I have a Mitsubishi Mini Split system. A 3-ton heat pump and 4 indoor air handlers. The system was installed (self) and assisted by a qualified tech for some aspects. The system is in a new construction addition and has not been used for a couple years. After initiating the install the units were checked to make sure they were operational in the air conditioning mode and all worked as intended. Now that I am continuing the construction project and winter has arrived I needed heat in the areas. To my surprise they would not heat. The remotes are initiating the air handlers and louvers are operating but after a few minutes the operational display light begins flashing. It will not start up the heat process. The breaker and disconnect is allowing power to the unit and the wiring is correct. Is there a reset for the outside unit? I have called the serv tech that finished the installation and have been unable to contact him. Any suggestions? I am a DIY (advanced for a lack of terms) and did the majority of the install which was double checked by the "tech" and approved.