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Oven Bake Element Help

See the hole in the pictured element....

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This is probably the most common way for an oven element to go bad....a spot in the element gets weak ( may even glow brighter in that spot before the element actually quits ) and blows a hole through itself and the outer shell. This sparking/arcing may remind you of an sparkler you use on the 4th of July ( USA ) or Victoria Day ( Canada ). If this happens to your oven element = new element time.

What a common element is made up from....

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Changing a basic bake element:

Disconnect power first!

Remove oven racks, remove the mounting screws from the element mounting plate, found against the back wall of the range oven liner.

Pull defective element away from the back of the oven wall as far as the wire will allow ( the odd time, the wires may be too short and you may have to disconnect the wires from the element at the back of the range ).

Remove wire lead screws from the element.

Replace the element and reconnect the leads ( if only two wires going to the element, it does not matter which goes on left or right wire terminal ).

Tuck surplus wire behind insulation.

Line up holes and reinstall new element using existing screws.

Oven bake element - Item Number 316075103

Bake element assembly - Item Number W10779716

Oven bake heating element - Item Number WP7406P428-60

Oven bake element - Item Number 318255006

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