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The owner of this website was scammed out of at least $ 26,000 Canadian dollars with the true cost being many times higher, the local police has accepted the case and I am waiting for an investigator to get assigned, it is not known if any of the lost money will be ever recovered.

I have had to combine everything under a common domain name to reduce costs of keeping his website up as I don't want to be forced to take it down. I am also had both feet amputated just above the knee and have medical equipment costs as a result.

If anyone is able to help during this difficult time it would be very much appreciated...

Donald Kerr

There is 3 ways you can donate...

1. Through a fundraiser that my wife has posted on facebook, fundraisers are public so you do not have to be on facebook to use this method...

2. By paypal to email...

3. By email transfer if you are in Canada...


For email transfers you will have to send me message with the answer to the security password.

Bellow is what I previously posted to my friends on facebook which will give more information on what we are going through...

Just an update on how we are doing, please take the time to read it all, it is very lengthy...

I usually keep things to myself and was hesitant to even post anything.

We lost $ 26,000 Canadian dollars in a scam, but I cannot post details right now as it was sent to the Canadian anti fraud center as well as sent to the local police. The Ottawa police have accepted the case but I was told it could take a little bit of time to assign an investigator. I thought of going to media but we have reason to believe there may be a local connection in the scam and it is best that any local connection does not see that yet.

Another person we know lost $ 2,000 in united states dollars transferred to a Canadian bank account in a immigration scam by someone imposing as the immigration minister, the scammers may have targeted that victim from on the friends list on my wife's Facebook profile. A 3rd person was also targeted that was also on my wife's friend list but at least we caught the 3rd one and no money was sent/ or lost that time.

Again I have to be careful what I say at the moment and not cause issues with the investigation. Because of how we got the money and the very high cost of that, it has made it very difficult for us right now to say the least.

I will get back to this at the end of the post...


We have always been nice to people and help some which may have made to easier to be targeted. As former co-workers should know I was likely the easiest to change shifts with than anyone, some would bribe with French fries and dairy queen ice cream, I did retire with some shifts that I worked for 2 or 3 co-workers over the years them never paying back the owed shifts. Some may do favors for us but we have a lot that promised to pay back and never did so you learn over a lifetime things do not often happen both ways. But this scam was by far the biggest single loss in my life time and the hardest to try to recover from. Combined with medical equipment rental expenses and some owned needs replacing.

I have gone through periods of depression and I am going for a few weeks in a psychology group at the rehab hospital

In 2015 I spent 5 days in hospital when there was some black near around one foot, they gave antibiotics and they never did a vascular ultrasound. My family doctor sent me to st Elizabeth clinic where they did wound care for a small sore on left foot with their help it healed, but the nurses there sent multiple notes to the family doctor to see vascular, it took quite a while as the family doctor was not convinced of any vascular issues , he eventually did send me for a vascular ultrasound just to prove them wrong. Well there was some closing on of certain blood vessels in the legs.

They did 3 angiograms, a stint in the upper right leg, balloon open more one around the left knee. Started tearing one blood vessel at one time, and had to stay overnight that time.
The original surgeon tended to put things in medical terms, oh amputation is a simple operation less than 2 hours where a bypass is like a 5 hour operation, but amputation affects the patient for the rest of your life.

The original surgeon was getting my daughter worried as he was saying a bypass of a blood vessel in the lower right leg is harder on the heart but these operations are quite routine these days.

The original surgeon went from amputation just above the ankle then to below the knee then to above the knee in a manner of a very few months and nothing changed.

I was accessed by one doctor in regards to prosthetic limb and was refused saying it would be too hard for me to get on and off, if someone had to help get it on at off at least I could do some transfers on my own. I met an older lady while in hospital that had a above ankle amputation and was refused prosthetic foot only because her age. This same doctor that did these assessments came in the hospital in the same room [never looked at me] and tried a light weight foot for another patient yet when I was assessed I was shown a heavy one.

Back in 2017 when my feet were amputated the surgeon was sick that day but they kept me and I was on standby for 6 days, not eating each day until after 10 pm.

Then the day of the surgery I had less than an hour notice without having the opportunity to get a chance to stand for the last time, a different surgeon commented that the legs / feet looked good but by then I just gave up and went ahead with the surgery., when in the operating room, the surgeon that did the operation, made a phone call before I was taken out of the operating room [I suspect to my original surgeon], and I could clearly hear him saying that the feet looked good and then he repeated 'Well he wanted it'. I could clearly hear that.

There was days that I was refused to be transferred to the commode and into the bathroom, physio told them not to transfer to commode but yet they would transfer to wheelchair. I had to often wait until the next shift came on and see if they would transfer to commode and bathroom.

The doctor never came to see me even once while in hospital.

You always feel the lower legs and feet even though they missing, even pain.

I cannot transfer on my own, but once in the power wheelchair can get around, so I have support workers that come and help, although some are very exceptional, some are horrible and really don't know how the hell they got their job. The bad ones I tell the office to never send them back. But I hate working around a schedule, they can be early or late but if I am 5 minutes late getting back home they will not wait.


I am hoping that the investigation goes well and we nail the bastards, and hopefully recover the losses, but may go through the courts if they do charge the ones doing this but who knows how long the process will take and in the end it may be up to a judge that decides to we recover any money, I have reason to believe to believe that someone in this region is part of this.
On my wife's profile was posted a fundraiser to try and us, I will share it as a separate post, if you want to help it would be most helpful, if not that is OK, life goes on, I know you have to think of yourself first.

Yes we have been fortunate enough to go to a view places in the past but as most people should know a person’s life can change in an instant.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy post.

Donald Kerr

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