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Thread: Deep Buried Polyethylene Pipe Fitting

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    Posted By: WyeGuy

    I have a polyethylene pipe coming from under my house to a pit out in the yard. It was used for my main water supply from an old well. I want to use this pipe to supply yard hydrants. But the pipe will need to be buried below the frost line (4 feet).

    I need to make connections to this existing pipe and want to fill in the pit. So the pipe and connections will be buried deep where I don't want to have to deal with leaks. Is there a "high quality" connection method that will provide best reliability? I don't mind having to buy a tool or something within reason. I can use it at other locations like the hydrants. I just don't want to use hose clamps that will rust, etc. unless that is the best recommended method. Thank you.

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    Use all stainless hose clamps.

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    With poly pipe, I'm not sure you really even need clamps. When using barbed fittings (use the metal ones, such as brass), I've had to heat the pipe with a blow dryer to soften the pipe enough to even push them on. Once it cools, it seems impossible to move the fitting in or out. A hose clamp is good measure, but if the pipe is buried I don't see how the fittings could ever come off unless the pipe gets pulled on (e.g. snagged buy an excavator). Check the fittings for leaks before you cover them, but if they fit as tight as they are supposed to, they won't leak.

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    I find you still need the hose clamps for a seal. I normally use two at each connection. Just make they are the ALL stainless ones. The ones marked as stainless usually have a non stainless screw that rusts.

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