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Thread: Question on air filter for Rheem Heating & AC

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    Default Question on air filter for Rheem Heating & AC

    Our 1-year-old home was equipped with a Rheem Heating / AC unit.
    All is working fine with one exception: the AC condensed water tub was clogged after less than 10 days of around 6-hour-use-daily.
    I only found this out after noticing the hardwood floor surrounding the unit warped, and continuing humming sound of the water pump even though we had stopped the AC for 8 hours.

    The AC technician identified the root cause was the CLOGGED WATER TUB. and cleared the condensed water tub by blowing strongly through it.

    I further did my own inspections and observed a defect (?) in how the air filter was installed:
    • The slot where the 12x20x1 air filter left a wide-opening gap, see attached picture
    • This huge gap enabled unfiltered / dusty air to come directly into the coil chamber. Dust was collected inside this chamber by a huge ratio comparing to a properly installed / sealed air duct
    • Within a short period of AC use, the excessively collected dust came down with condensed water to the reservoir
    • The large amount of dust from the reservoir was pumped through the tube and quickly clogged it up
    • Ultimately the water flowed from the reservoir onto the floor, as well as the water pump will never stop running

    I also attached here the water from the reservoir which showed a huge amount of dust collected from the dirtied coil chamber.

    1. How to permanently fix this problem so that the only path for air to come into the chamber is through the air filter? A stopgap solution isn't what I'm looking for.
    2. Was the design of this Rheem system defective to have such huge air gap?
    3. Or was it the faults of the contractor altering the air filter slot design? In our previous home which has 3 separate furnaces / AS units, each air filter was inserted then closed by an access door which then was latched and tightened with a screw to produce an air tight path for air through the air filter into the chamber.

    Your advice is appreciated.
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