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Thread: How to control my heating/AC system?

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    Default How to control my heating/AC system?


    This question is not about repair/installation but about basic operation! I've just moved to a new rental and I'm trying to figure out the heating system. It has a boiler in the garage that's controlled by a timer (the system looks fairly like the one pictured here) and in each room there's a vent and a temperature control. That seems straightforward. However, there is also an additional temperature control in the main living area. It looks the same as the others but when I remove the cover it is labelled 'pump'. It seems that if this pump control is set to a reasonable temperature (say 70-75), the house gets moderately warm without any air noticeably coming out of the air vents. However if it is off along with all of the air vents, then the house cools down. I'm wondering what exactly this pump control does?

    On another topic, are there any resources on how to run this sort of heating system economically? Does it make a significant difference if you turn off the boiler for a few hours when you're out of the house at work, or is there not much point?



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    First thing to do is ask your landlord. It's their system and they should know it, and know how to operate it correctly and efficiently. Don't mess with something if you don't know what it does. If they are paying for your heat, they may not want you touching any of it.

    It sounds like a hot water circulation system. The thermostat on the wall likely runs the circulation pumps and calls for more hot water to be created. It's like any other every day thermostat for a whole house. If it's off then there is not active heating. The circulation pumps are the 4 red things in the picture you linked to. That system has 4 zones of circulation (1 appears to be to a storage tank and 3 go throughout the house).

    The temp controls in each room are likely zone controls for dialing in each room. You can set a room warmer or cooler then another room. You can post a pic of them and we can give you a better idea. The vent is what is throwing me off. You could have a radiant system that is under the floor. The vent might be for AC if you have it. It could also be a forced air system where there's a mini radiator and a fan that blows air through it. It's not common to have an individual system in every room of your house, and you would have air moving through them in order for them to provide heat. Are your floors warm to the touch? Sometimes electric radiant heat is built into the ceiling, but I don't think hot water radiant is done that way. Which way do all the lines go in the garage? to the floor or to the ceiling?

    If it is a truly radiant system and the vents are for AC then the best way to run these is keep it at a constant temp. They do take a while to heat the place back up if it's allowed to cool way down.

    You can post a pic of your system if you want more questions answered.

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    You can search online or take help from professionals.

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    I would highly recommend to consult HVAC professional and get the right solution for all your air conditioning related issues.

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    Are you just trying to be the last poster on all HVAC topics? People come here to get help, not told to call a professional. In the case of the original poster, its a rental so he shouldn't be calling a professional to mess with it, the landlord needs to deal with it or explain it.
    Kent, WA

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