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Thread: hot water tank exhust piping

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    Default hot water tank exhust piping

    Hi there my girl friend had water rental people to come in and fix the leaking shut off valve on the hot water tank. The guy noticed that the black pvc exhaust pipe had a small crack in it. He replaced it with one piece the new pipe is white and he has given my girlfriend 49 days to fix the rest of the piping or gas line will be shut off or water can't remember what he said. Is it safe what he did put new piece of the white exhaust into the old exhaust going outside. No we need to fix this is it k to fix it ourselves or does it need to be done by certified HVAC person. It is only replacing the exhaust pipe going outside with the new white 636 piping so what do u think.

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    Black is likely ABS. ABS can get brittle under certain conditions. They are probably concerned about other areas.

    You would need to check on if you are permitted to do this yourself in your area. It's repair work so you are likely safe.

    The exhaust line will need to be installed to current level code with compliant materials and it has to be installed a specific way. If you are not comfortable doing it, then you will need to call someone in. If not done correctly, it can create a carbon monoxide (silent killer) or fire hazard.

    They can and will red tag your water heater if it is not installed correctly. If you install it yourself and it's not to code or not safe then it will still get red tagged.

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    I do feel comfortable about doing it properly. It is just 636 white piping and need to just use the proper cement and proper joints not to hard to do. Just out of curiousity how would one test piping to make sure no leaks or can they. My gf doe shave carbon monoxide detector downstairs. I feel comfortable to do this so I could just do it then will they just inspect it to make sure done properly and with proper and coded piping.

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