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Thread: Replacement part of Rheem Super Quiet 80 gas furnace pressure switch?

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    Default Replacement part of Rheem Super Quiet 80 gas furnace pressure switch?

    Long story short (or at least 'less long') I am attempting to replace the pressure switch on my Rheem Super Quiet 80 furnace. I am trying to determine if the replacement part that I found is correct (I originally saw a Repair Clinic video on Youtube replacing this item on what looks like my exact furnace).

    The part that I found is 42-101225-81, which includes the switch and the bracket. But the pressure switch currently on my furnace has separate numbers for each: 42-101082-01 for the bracket and 42-101486-01 for the switch (see attached photos).

    I found one Amazon link that states that the 42-101225-81 can replace 42-101082-01 (the number for my bracket), but it does not mention the part # for my switch. I believe I saw elsewhere that the 42-101225-81 can replace 42-101086-01, but I do not see that now. Here is the link to the part I found: Rheem 42-101225-81 .

    This is my first experience changing anything on a gas furnace--I'm not exactly handy, but from the video this looked extremely simple. I practiced it on my current switch. Is anyone able to tell me whether or not I am looking at buying the correct replacement part?

    (Background: My furnace stopped over the weekend. The "OK" light, middle green light, blinked twice, indicating pressure switch as possible issue. One $49 service trip later and the tech told me that the switch was starting to go out--but would charge me $200 more to replace it. The fan motor was starting immediately but igniter was not attempting to light.)

    Thank you in advance for any assistance!
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    Part numbers do change. Almost any manufacturer uses different vendors for their parts, and they often change vendors mid run. You may see multiple part numbers that work. Since you didn't provide the model number of your furnace I cant look up anything. They also can consolidate similar parts from multiple product lines with 1 part that works in all the units. It's a cost saving move.

    I would call the number on the site link you posted and confirm with them.. Have your model and serial ready.. They should be able to cross reference it.

    Keep in mind, the pressure switch is a sensing device. Just because the code indicates the pressure switch does NOT mean that's the problem.. It means thats the device that detected a problem. In addition, you could have a bad inducer, bad vacuum hose between the inducer and the switch, clogged hose, switch or venturi in the inducer. You could also have a obstructed exhaust or air intake (if you have one). A burnt relay on your control board could be limiting the current to the inducer.. Lots of options.

    If your repair tech was fairly confident it was the pressure switch then it is a safe gamble to start with. The price of the switch didn't seem that bad... Switches dont really 'start to fail', they work or they dont.

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