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Thread: New Desperate User! Armogstrong Air Ultra V

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    Default New Desperate User! Armogstrong Air Ultra V

    Hi I have an Armstrong Air Ultra V, and sadly it doesn't like below zero temps. I had problems 2 years ago, and after replacing everything I could, someone said how does it Vent...Well it vents to the outside. Here it is -11 degrees, and I come home from work and turn the temp on the thermostat up from 65 to 68. A half hour later, I am freeeeeeeeezing, I check the thermostat, and its 62. I am now at 58, The unit is running, but the ignitors won't light. I pulled the intake pipe off, as I did a couple years ago, but still, the temps are plummeting please help, I know its an easy fix! I have all my space heaters in the room with it, while I sit here freezing, but so far its a no go

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    It's likely in the draft inducer system. (based on what little info was provided). This system is designed to not let the furnace light if it detects (or thinks) that something isn't right with the draft airflow. Common failures are blocked exhaust or outside air intake (if you have one). failing inducer, failing pressure switch (service call likely required), cracked or plugged vacuum hose from the inducer to the switch (can check this yourself).

    If you don't know what you are doing, call in a professional. Don't attempt to bypass any of the safety systems. It's not worth putting you or you family's life at risk.

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