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Thread: Trane XL80 loud, random "snap" sound

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    Default Trane XL80 loud, random "snap" sound

    I have a Trane XL80 that was installed new on about Nov. 2015. I have noticed that it randomly makes a rather loud "snap" sound, even when it's off. Anyone have any ideas as to what the sound is, and (more importantly) if I should care?

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    I would very much care since your unit is likely still under at least a partial warranty... Contact your installer before you mess with it yourself.

    Is this coming from your indoor unit? (furnace) (assuming so)
    Do you have an electrostatic air cleaner? (this would be very likely if you have one)
    How often does it happen? (several times a day, several times a week?) When did it start?
    What area does it come from? (can you hear it in the ductwork?)
    How loud is it? Can you hear it all over your house?

    the more detail you can provide, the better our chances of helping.

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