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Thread: Manufacturer's Specification for specific Bryant furnace

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    Default Manufacturer's Specification for specific Bryant furnace

    I'm selling my home. The buyers cited the front panel clearance of our furnace as a possible issue. When I look up my furnace model, I'm finding 2 conflicting specifications (one says 24" and one says 30"). Need to know exact front clearance for my specific model number. Existing clearance in my house is at 25".

    Bryant Plus 90, Model # Z1350MAV036060FGKA

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    Look around inside the main cavity or the blower unit, behind covers and outside the covers on the sides.. There should be a label with min clearance to combustibles. This is the spec at the time of manufacture. The manufacturer may have revised the specs after it went into production. It could be due using a different component inside, or a error, or there was a bulletin released updating the specs for some reason (safety).

    If your unit was installed to the existing specs at the time, it is "legal". If a safety bulletin was released revising the specs due to a problem that was discovered, then it may need updated, but that will be specified in the bulletin. If in doubt, look up the contractor that installed it and contact them for advice.

    Gotta love pain in the ass buyers. Just wait until they complain about the number of outlets in the kitchen..

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    Generally speaking as long as it meet the codes at the time of installation they don't force you to bring up to today's code unless doing new work such as renovations that changes are needed exceptions exist where the condition is so bad that it becomes a major safety concern. Now I am not sure about the rules for furnaces, but if it was actually originally installed by a experience pro at at that time that really knew and met exisitng code at the time, I can't see the issue, especially if it was properly maintained. Buyers have to sometimes consider code at the time of installation, if they want everything to match the exact code of today then get a new house.
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