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Thread: I can't find a capacitor

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    Default I can't find a capacitor

    I need a 2 1/2" (maybe 2 3/8") diameter Dual Run Capacitor Round 55 + 10 uf MFD 370 volts for my outdoor condenser. I can't find one locally. Most if not all of the people who sell capacitors online don't give their diameter. Where/how can I find one?

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    Physical size of a cap doesn't mean much...other then if it fit's in the factory mount.

    The value/capacitance and it's voltage are the critical numbers.

    Rated Voltage can be higher then what you run through it, but it can not be lower or you will have some early fireworks. A 400V cap will work on a 240V unit. A 100V cap will not. As mentioned on our old board, different voltages may have different quality of materials inside and may be more rugged at lower voltage (but also cost more)

    The value is how much energy it stores. You want to stay close to this number. smaller and it may not have enough umph to turn the motor over. Too big and it will have no problem starting the motor but it's current inrush is going to tear up your contactor.

    There are also other style caps that can not be used to start/run a motor so make sure your cap is intended as a motor cap

    If your unit was not manufactured in the US/North America then you may have more trouble finding an exact cap since it is probably a foreign cap too and may not be available in the US. You may need to modify the existing mount or make something. You just want to keep it from bouncing around or getting it or the wires in the path of your fan.

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    I don't know what the diameter is....

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    I think you should consult HVAC expert and get the right capacitor for your air conditioning system or you can buy it online.

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