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    Hi there was given a portable ac unit Gree model # GPC08AH-A3NN33B my problem was didn't get the hose and window kit. Does anyone know where I could find relplacement one or how I can build one for this thanks.

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    They appear to only sell through dealers (kinda the norm with HVAC)
    Start here and see if you can find a parts catalog. Then you are probably going to have to find and contact a dealer/servicer and see if the parts are still available and go from there. They are usually more expensive this route...

    If the hose is a standard 4-6" flexible hose with nothing fancy you may be able to make one. Dryer hoses may work but avoid the cheap plastic flexible ones, those are known to restrict airflow. If it's not going to be moved, try a flexible metal semi-rigid duct. It's like a bendy straw where it will stay in the position that you form it. You may have to make the window kit. If it's not visible you can use ply wood or you can go with a thicker plexiglas (find something UV resistant or it will turn yellow, cloud up, etc) A glass shop may be able to help you and can cut something thicker then what you will find in retail. They may also be able to make a frame for you at a reasonable cost.

    you would need to look at a similar unit thats on display somewhere or such and see what they do to keep the air hose clear/clean. There should be some kind of screen or filter somewhere.. You will need to make something comparable or you may be cleaning a bird/wasp nest out of your unit

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