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Thread: PTAC Amana Heating Problems

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    Default PTAC Amana Heating Problems

    I have 3 PTAC units model (2 x PTH123E35AXXXAB and 1 x PTH123C35AMCA), with heating issues. I appreciate all the help I can get of just one, two or all of them;

    • PTAC # 1 - Amana PTH123E35AXXXAB. I have notice on PTAC Amana the inside fan is kind of slow, but on this unit it is very slow. It starts heating, when I turn it on, but suddenly stops heating and the fan turns off, the display still shows 90 and is on HEAT, but the unit it self is not doing anything until it turn it off and back on. The room never gets warm. I have tested the inside thermistor and is not close to 90.

    • PTAC # 2 - Amana PTH123E35AXXXAB. It starts heating, the inside fan turns, the unit is set on 90. After a few minutes the heater turns of, but the inside fan keeps turning and normal/cold (not heated air) comes out. After a few minutes the heater starts again for a while and stops again, it keeps doing that, the room stays cold. I have tested the inside thermistor and is also not close to 90 when the heater turns off.

    • PTAC # 3 Amana PTH123C35AMCA. I turn the unit on, set it on HEAT 70, the fan starts, heater not yet. I check the thermistor temperature, it is about 69. I go up to 72 on control board, I can hear a click and the heater turns on. After heater turns on and I go to bed the unit fan and heater stays on, does not turn off anymore and the room gets very hot much more than 72, it keeps heating. If right after I go up to 72 and the heater turns on and I go back down to 67 for example it will turn off.

    Do these units have a high limit thermostat somewhere inside, that might be broken? Can a high limit thermostat just be kind of broken, sometimes work and sometimes not?

    Again thank you very much for your help.

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    I've not messed with these before, but a few things to check.

    Does the AC mode work? (It may not kick in if the outside air temp is too low, see the manual). If AC kicks out too it could be low on refrigerant, which can cause a system to cycle.

    Do these have a backup heat source? Your manual should indicate what it takes for it to kick in. Is it kicking in when it should? If it is too cold for the heat pump and it's not kicking in, that could be your issue.

    There is often a schematic or ladder diagram somewhere behind a cover. It should tell you what kind of control systems it has.

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