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Thread: Goodman furnace inducer fan cycles

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    Default Goodman furnace inducer fan cycles

    Posted By: ScottyR

    Goodman furnace. Model Gmh80703anac. No led codes.

    Get the call for heat. Inducer fan runs for about 3 sec then turns off. Then it keeps doing t h e same thing. Called a tech. He ca m e out and said the control board was bad, but he did not have one. I got one and replaced it. The problem continues. No voltage issues. All the limits have continuity. Hooked a manometer up get about 1.2 in when it stops. I am leaning towards a bad pressure switch. The igniter does not start to glow. I just do not understand why the fan does what it does.

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    Your furnace is not detecting a proper draft airflow and it will not attempt to light without this. Common causes are blocked exhasut and/or combustion air intake (bird/bee nest), weak inducer motor, plugged up condensate drain/trap (common), plugged pressure switch tubing, failing pressure switch (possible to fial but everyone always blames the switch first).

    Some furnaces lock out after a certain number of attempts, others will just cycle till something works or fails further.

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