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    Default AC problem

    I have a central ac (trane) installed around 2007 that seems to want to go on but never makes it. The fan spins and comes up to
    speed but stops. Sometimes it works without any problems but every once in a while it does this. Any clues on what is going on?
    I tried to upload a video but the site would not let me. It said the file was too large.

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    Unit turning on and off repeatedly is extremely frustrating. This problem is generally caused either by a dirty condenser and fan or a clogged condenser. Many central air conditioner fan issue can be solved by air conditioning tune-ups.
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    Try converting the video to mp4 format if it's not already.. Many phones record uncompressed video which makes for very large files.. THere are free converters out there (and a few websites that will do it too)

    I am assuming that you mean your outside (condenser) unit....

    There are 2 things in the condenser unit that run with the AC.. The fan that you found and the compressor itself. Do you hear them both come on? Does one shut off before the system shuts down? You need to figure out if it's a fault in the condenser unit or the main (indoor) unit that is telling it to shut down. Take off the electrical cover to find the contactor unit inside the condenser. Have someone start the AC. You should be able to see the contactor (caution, exposed high voltage here) close/move as it engages. Watch it.. When it shuts down, do noises inside the condenser unit change before the contactor opens back up? If so, then your problem is inside the condenser...likely a thermal or pressure cutout. (low freon levels will cause this). If the contactor opens as it shuts down then something inside the house is telling it to. Usually a low voltage issue or thermostat. There is not much electronics involved for the AC portion, but the super high end furances find a way to incorporate lots of (unnecessary) electronics.

    Pressure/thermal cutouts are probably going to require a service call.

    Tracing low voltage can be easy or very hard. You will need to have and know how to use a volt meter, as well as read schematics and be able to manually power up the system (by jumping wires)

    ultra high efficiency or multi/variable speed systems are probably going to require a service call (and lots of money)

    Let us know what you find with the above test and we can direct you on next steps.

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    This is the problem of compressor, immediately change it.

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    Yeah. I agree with your suggestion.

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    Dirty air filters or frozen coils can cause an air conditioning unit to malfunction by turning on and off automatically.

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    Two year old post.
    I hope it is fixed by now.
    Operation Overlord.

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