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Thread: AC runs, but no are comes through the vents

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    Default AC runs, but no are comes through the vents

    My Heating/Air Conditioning unit has quit working. When the thermostat is set to Cool and fan to Auto, the outside unit runs and I can hear a motor running in the attic furnace, but no air comes out at all. It continues to run like that until I turn it off, but at no time does any air come out of the vents. When the thermostat is left on cool and the fan is switched from Auto to On, the outside AC unit stops running and the motor in the attic runs for about 30 seconds and then shuts itself off. After seven minutes, it comes back on and runs for 30 seconds again before shutting off. The unit is about 13 years old. I want to get it operating again and I don?t want to call a AC repair company. How should I proceed?

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    When was the last time you changed the air filter?
    Maybe a belt driven fan with a broken belt?
    Operation Overlord.

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    Is there a separate air filter inside the furnace in the attic? The only filter I am familiar with is the one on the ceiling in the hallway for the air return.

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