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Thread: heating air A coil

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    Default heating air A coil

    Hi guy and gals. Nice forum, i havnt been around to see the new one. I was an old selfhelpamdmore member since 02.

    But thanks in advanced.

    Does the A coil go on the top or bottom of a down flow? Would the fan blow over the coil or suck across the coil? Or does it even matter?


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    You got me wondering on this too if it makes any difference, hope someone in the know replies. Most air conditioning coils that I have seen furnaces the air blows through them going up, but on a down flow? There does need very good air flow over the coils or they will frost up.
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    I would think the coil would be last in line- in the case of a downflow, at the bottom of the stack. My last downflow was like that.

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