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Thread: air conditioned Florida room includes existing soffits

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    Default air conditioned Florida room includes existing soffits

    I live in Florida. Added an insulated Florida room on my back patio. The roof/ceiling did not cover the soffits. The soffits are aluminum with tiny slits through out the whole soffits. Will these vented soffits prevent it from staying cool in the summer? In other words, will hot air come into the Florida room through the soffits? Will gnats want to come into the soffits and travel into the Florida room at night when the lights are on? Should I cover this 12 foot section of soffits? My soffits are on 2 sides of my 640 sq. foot villa/condo and I have a ridge vent on the roof also.
    I don't know if I should cover them, put insullation above them, or leave them alone.
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    If this room is insulated and air conditioned, you want to close the soffits. Just think of the soffits as window screens. If you don't want open screened windows all the time in that room, then you need to close them off. If that soffit cavity runs the length of the house without blocking, then air from the open soffits adjacent to this room will keep that part of the roof cool.
    Kent, WA

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