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    Was wondering if I might get some help diagnosing a 20 year old heil quaker nugk please. My furnace comes on and runs for 2-3 minutes and then the burner goes out. The fan stays on. The burner then stays off for 2-3 minutes. After 2-3 minutes the burner relights without any problem. This works ok with up to moderately cold weather but when it gets really cold like it does here in Minnesota the furnace is not staying lit long enough to produce enough to heat parts of the house. Any suggestions?

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    Created a new thread for this question, it is easier when dealing with a new different question to have it in a new thread
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    Either the furnace thinks the burner went out and it shut the gas off, or the high limit switch is tripping

    Clean the flame sensor if there is one. It's a small wire/rod that sticks out over one of teh burners to detect when it lights and stays lit. If it's a older furnace with a pilot light (some have a intermittant pilot that lights just before furnace igntion then shuts off), check the thermocouple. It could have failed.. Luckily it's the cheapest part in your furnace.

    If it's high limit it may be hard to troubleshoot. It's usually airflow. Make sure all registers are open and not blocked. Make sure cold air returns are not blocked. Check the filter and replace it. Don't use over a MERV 8 filter... they can restrict airflow. Some installers relocate the filter to the cold air return line or a return grill. The factory location is in the furance usually in the blower cavity (sometimes not directly visible). If it's elsewhere, make sure someone didn't stick one in the factory location years ago by mistake.. If the furnace has been run without a filter (especially if it has AC) then it will need a professional cleaning as it may be plugged up inside.

    I doubt a furnace that age has a blower belt, but a slipping belt or blower wheel can reduce airflow too.

    You will need electrical tools and know how to troubleshoot electrical circuits to go much further.. might be out of your hands.

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