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quick sand used as fill

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  • quick sand used as fill

    Originally posted 5-04-2015 6:54 PM

    I had a new sewage holding tank installed last fall. They brought in some fill to level everything out. In some places it was 2-3 feet thick. Problem is I think this stuff was quicksand. I can take a 2x4 and push it in until I hit the original clay bottom 2 feet down. I even tried walking on it in bare feet and sank up to my knees. It was kind of funny as didn't expect that level of softness. It looked like nice sandy stuff when they brought it and it was dry.

    The question I have is does it need to be removed or will it solidify if I cap it with 3-4 inches of better soil and plant grass? Do to winter setttling I need more soil brougt in anyway.

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    Originally posted 5-04-2015 7:22 PM
    By: Pushkins

    Is it currently wet ?


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      Originally posted 5-05-2015 10:05 PM

      Yes. The trench they dug for the pipe and tank is in solid clay so it acts like bathtub to hold the water. Very poor drainage.


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        Originally posted 5-05-2015 7:30 PM
        By: Pushkins

        Then you answered your own question. If the replacement fill was sand and it's surrounded by clay your absolutely correct in the fact that they created a bath tub full of sand. The worst part is the only two solutions are either a drain out of the tub or replace the sand with a more compact fill. Even if you remove half and fill on top with compact soil it will still feel squishy under foot after rain.