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  • Hitachi Leaf Blower

    Guys - I must be missing something in this repair. This blower ran great. Put it away and now no spark. Replaced the ignition coil and the spark plug. I bypassed the on / off switch with a jumper wire. Set the coil clearance with a "business card" as my gauge????? Is it that critical? Everything seems tight - connections are good - and I cleaned the magnets on the flywheel. It should be a no brainer but this lock down stuff must have me whacked out lol. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Greg

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    You have done everything I can think of without physically examining the unit.
    The gap is not extremely important for spark. As long it doesn't hit the coil it should be fine.


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      Thanks Chris - I found what it was. I boost the spark plugs in a multi-pack on Amazon. when I clamped the plug against the engine cylinder to ground - there was a thin layer of protective plastic wrap on the HEX part of the plug keeping it insulated. I only had to get thru my 2nd bourbon to find it. Thanks for your response. G