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  • Toro 74626 timecutter

    Originally posted 10-04-2016 3:33 PM

    My sister has a Toro 74626 Timecutter mower. She is having issues with it not starting. I think from her description it is battery issue. She describes it as clicking, which sounds like low battery.
    My question is, Does this unit have built in charger? For now I loaned her my battery charger and it seems to be starting.
    I need to have some idea of what to look at when get over there next week.
    A wiring diagram would be nice, if anyone has one.

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    Originally posted 10-04-2016 4:16 PM

    There would have to be some sort of generator under the engine cover. It could have a fuse on that circuit.
    Easiest way to tell would be to check the battery voltage with it off, then start it.. The battery voltage will be slightly higher (13.8-14.4 usually) when it's running and charging. The charging circuit for something like this is about as simple as it can get.. Often just a coil, a diode, and a wire. Fancier models may have an alternator coil and a regulator.

    There could be something generating a draw on the battery (or a internal short inside the battery). If it's not maintenance free, check the levels (not had to do that to a battery in forever). Most auto parts stores can do a free test on the battery (at least in the states). If she doesnt remove the battery for winter (and she's in a cold weather climate) it does really shorten the life of them. Back when I had enough land for a riding mower, I would pull the battery in the winter, top it off and stick it in a inside closet. If it stays in a garage, starting it up a few times in the winter or a quick charge (maintenance chargers are cheap) will help extend it's life.

    Doesn't sound like it but the starter solenoid could be sticky.


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      Originally posted 10-04-2016 5:40 PM

      Thanks. As long as I know it does have a charger I can check it out next week when I get there. I suspect just an expired battery. The mower is only 3 years old but who know what quality battery they installed.


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        Originally posted 10-04-2016 5:40 PM

        3 sounds short for a battery life.

        If her mower is stored where it freezes in the winter (and it's not used to plow/blow snow), you can get (or make) a battery quick disconnect kit that will allow the battery to be removed without tools. Every mower I've had (and also my truck) has a battery held in by a bungee cord.... Make sure she understands to keep the battery level when transporting it.

        This is just a random link and I wouldn't pay $30 for it (US or Canadian). You should be able to find or make one for cheaper. Just match the wire gauge (likely 8 or 4)



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          Originally posted 10-30-2016 6:07 PM

          I finally was able to get over there and check it out. Battery voltage of 12 volts goes up to 13.5 when engine starts. That would indicate charger is working and battery is bad. I told her to try and get by for last one or two cuttings this season and buy a new battery in the spring.


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            Originally posted 10-30-2016 8:56 PM

            Not sure if you guys have core charges up north, but in the states they also apply to smaller batteries. If there is one, let her know that she needs to take the old battery in with her to replace it.


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              Originally posted 10-31-2016 9:12 AM

              Yup. I am aware of that.