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Craftsman Eager-1 5.5 horsepower self-propelled pushmower 917.372854 help

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  • Craftsman Eager-1 5.5 horsepower self-propelled pushmower 917.372854 help

    Originally posted 9-29-2014 10:17 AM
    By: Godsprovision

    i bought this used and have been having some problems with it recently. I have been unable to find the manual online and that may help. I do not want to bring it to a repair shop, but that may be my next step. I have recently had trouble getting it started and also have had trouble keeping it running. It seems to get easily bogged down and makes a mechanical "clacking" noise at times usually accompanied by smoke from toward the base of the engine. It does not seem to make a difference if I have it in self-propelled mode or not. Is anyone familiar with these?
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    Originally posted 10-03-2014 5:20 PM
    By: Godsprovision

    Update: I replaced the debris shield which had worn loose at the blade shaft and something still seems to be bogging it down. Maybe the belt to the self propelled part is hanging up. I will try to take it apart soon to see how that looks. Maybe it turns even if the self propelled is not engaged.


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      Originally posted 10-03-2014 8:37 PM

      If it is self propelled, it could be a issue. Theres also usually a blade brake with the engine kill release bar. Make sure it's working.

      Have you checked for a bent blade/shaft or damaged deck?

      Have you check the normal stuff? Plugs, filters, carb, linkages? All this can rob power too.

      Noises like you describe could be outside mechanical (as mentioned above) or someting in the engine, but there are not that many moving parts inside that will make it run rough instead of not at all.

      Have you looked on sears parts's site? Sometimes there are manuals, sometimes they would rather sell you one.
      Try googleing your model number + manual

      If you need engine help, figure out who made the engine (older is usually Tecumseh, many newer engines are Briggs) and look for a manual for your engine numbers (3 sets of numbers on the engine itself, not the mower body)


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        Originally posted 10-07-2014 1:01 AM
        By: Godsprovision

        Thank you for the response. I was starting to feel like no one was watching. There was a great deal of debris under the belt cover for the self propelled mechanism. I cleaned that out and was hoping it would turn right over. After some effort, the pull start rope broke and I am going to try to replace that soon. Fortunately, the SearsDirect location near me has it in stock, so that is my next step. I am hoping that I can get this thing going after that. I am getting tired of buying parts and feeling like this used mower is going to cost me more than a new one would have. I did go ahead and get a new spark plug and the air filter was recently changed. Are there other filters? I did find some helpful diagrams on the Craftsman website for my mower(link). Nice breakdowns of the parts, etc. I need a new gas cap, but am going to try to source that some other way. Should be something generic I would think. It is the Tecumseh engine, yes. I am not sure if there are any other filters and am not sure about the linkages. I have some Mechanic in a Bottle that was recommended. Not sure if that will help with the carb. Thank you again for your help.


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          Originally posted 10-07-2014 9:10 PM

          Most of us work jobs and are tied up with other projects (gotta love fall....)
          We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Keep checking as other's may post with additional info.

          There's a point where it's best to cut your losses and take it in. A good shop can have it back to you quickly (maybe same day if parts are in stock). If time is money it may save you money. There's also a good chance that they've seen your problem before too.

          That's normally the only filter in the engine. There are some links in the sticky at the top of the 'small engines' room that may help. There's info on finding the model number and decoding if it needed. Also a Tecumseh troubleshooting guide.

          Make sure your spark is strong. Ethonal in gas will break down seals and seats in the carb. A rebuild kit is usually less then $15 and takes about a hour. Find the model of carb and look for a youtube video of a rebuild. The linkages should move freely with little effort when the engine is off. They should spring back to their home position quickly too. If in doubt, spray everything down with carb cleaner (watch for painted surfaces). Dont forget the govorner linkage on the side of the engine (goes up under the engine cover).

          Also, look under the deck in the corners. There is a baffle that is close to the blade. A rock can bend or damage it. Make sure it's all attached, and not damaged or rusting out.


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            Originally posted 10-07-2014 11:03 PM
            By: Godsprovision

            Is the governor linkage the same thing as what I would call the throttle? It has the turtle and the rabbit. The primer bubble is below that. I am going to get a replacement pull start rope. I have a couple of neighbors who would probably look it over for me. I was hoping to fix it myself, but it may be getting to the point that I need to ask. I think the deck and shaft are okay. It says "solid-state ignition" which makes me think some circuit or chip has gone bad. It boasts "one pull" start, but that has not been the case since I bought it. I was able to get it started with some starting fluid spray at first. After that I was able to start it somewhat easily before what has been going on lately. It looks to me like the debris guard went out, debris got into the mechanisms and clogged it up good. It has all gone downhill from there.


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              Originally posted 10-10-2014 10:02 PM

              Your throttle is your speed control. The governor is a speed limitor. Other then your spark plug or your plug wire that is exposed, there isnt much to fail in the ignition system.

              I would have your neighbor take a look at it and watch what they do. Quickest way to learn. Hopefully it doesn't cost you more then part of a 6 pack.