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lawn mower winter storage

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  • lawn mower winter storage

    Originally posted 11-23-2012 3:51 PM
    By: jdevlin

    Should I drain all the gas from my lawn mower before winter or keep the tank full?

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    Originally posted 11-23-2012 6:43 PM

    There are two opinions on this.

    1. Fill with gas so condensation doesn't get in a rust parts.

    2. Drain gas and run dry so gunk doesn't build up.

    I usually drain mine since it has a plastic tank and most of the parts are aluminum.


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      Originally posted 11-23-2012 9:05 PM
      By: jdevlin

      I will drain the gs and change the oil before I put it away.
      Time to get the snow blower out.


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        Originally posted 11-24-2012 6:16 PM

        Not looking forward to snowblower season either....

        Depending on where it is stored and if you have a mouse issue... It may be a good idea to cover any openings around the engine so that mice cant build nests under the covers.. Ive had this happen several times and it did cause a engine fire once while driving my mower up to the garage to give it it's spring tuneup.

        Also on a side note, if you do decide to leave the tank full, add some fuel stabilizer that neutralizes/removes ethanol in the gas. It likes to attack rubber and some plastic parts. Typically US winters are not long enough for the fuel to go bad but you dont want the ethanol eating away at all the seals all winter long.


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          Originally posted 11-24-2012 7:23 PM
          By: jdevlin

          Never had a mouse problem but I will keep that in mind.



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            Originally posted 5-04-2014 5:40 AM
            By: levinovicm

            I think draining it will be better.


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              Originally posted 5-05-2014 1:52 PM

              After you "drain" it, be sure to run the engine dry. When it dies, give it full choke and run some more. When it dies again, try starting again and again until it won't start and you're sure it has no gas at all. You want to run all the gas out of it so it doesn't gel.
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