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  • Type of pipe to use

    Originally posted 11-23-2012 4:55 PM
    By: jdevlin

    I need to change the plumbing in my summer cottage. Should I change to copper or PEX? The longest run I would need to do is 10 feet.
    I am leaning towards copper since I have the tools. If I go PEX I would need to rent or buy the crimping tools.

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    Originally posted 11-23-2012 7:36 PM

    I think with that small amount of pipe I would stick the old tried and true copper lines.


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      Originally posted 11-23-2012 10:07 PM
      By: jdevlin

      I have some copper left over from some other jobs and the propane tank so I guess copper it will be.
      Do I have to use that new lead free solder?


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        Originally posted 11-24-2012 7:11 PM

        All solder used on potable (drinkable) water systems should be lead free. Make sure you are using the correct solder (there are many kinds and they are not all the same). You are thinking of electronics solder which is becoming lead free to meet RoHS and similar standards.

        I agree for a short run copper will be better. Just out of curiousity, why did it fail?


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          Originally posted 11-24-2012 8:22 PM
          By: jdevlin

          It didn't fail. The insurance company is giving me grief over it. I don't own a house and it is hard to get stand alone insurance for a cottage. Most people just have it as a rider on their house policy.
          They don't like my galvanized pipe, my 40 amp service(all breakers including main) and my oil stove heater. Plumbing is the easiest to eliminate, so I will start with that.


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            Originally posted 11-24-2012 8:56 PM
            By: jdevlin

            I checked my solder supply and it is lead free so I am good to go.


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              Originally posted 11-26-2012 11:36 PM

              Insurance companies have no clue... The things I have seen them make clients go through is crazy. Yet another example.


              John Kuehnl-Cadwell
              Master Electrician
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                Originally posted 2-18-2013 4:55 AM
                By: nilvenjhon

                According to me you should be go with PEX pipe because these days it is used by numbers of the home builders for their plumbing systems in their houses. It is might be good for you.


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                  Originally posted 5-22-2017 7:41 AM
                  By: HarleyKelvin

                  PEX is much more resistant to bursting due to freezing than either copper or PVC. And it won’t corrode in acidic water conditions or at brass connections the way copper will, so this plumbing repair project should last you a very long time!


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                    Originally posted 9-05-2018 4:15 AM
                    By: jonesalex

                    I would recommend to use PEX piping because PEX pipes are more durable as compared to copper pipes. So, you can use PEX pipes.