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How do you solder a ball valve?

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  • How do you solder a ball valve?

    Originally posted 5-15-2017 12:19 AM

    How do you properly solder a ball valve. I attempted solder a valve on today and it blew in half.

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    Originally posted 5-18-2017 6:28 PM

    Maybe not using an acetylene torch.... just kidding....

    They can be a pain, lots of mass, some plastic inside (nylon?) that you can't remove. They can be overheated easily but I've never seen one "blow apart" before. Worth a picture? It could also be a junk valve that had a defect. Keep the valve open or at least partially and open up a faucet nearby so that pressure from heated air or steam doesn't build up and push the fittings apart.

    Do you have enough room to use a threaded valve? You can solder on a threaded fitting then screw the valve on at one end. Cut the pipe on the other end about foot or so away and solder on another threaded piece to the end of short pipe. Screw it into the valve and solder in a coupling a foot away. I need to replace my service shutoff.. Its soldered in, but I plan on using a threaded valve, but I'm converting to pex downstream.


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      Originally posted 5-19-2017 10:24 AM

      I actually blew two of them apart before installing a normal twist valve I had. I never expected the blow up. I thought the guts would melt if I overheated it.
      The threads burst. The store gave no issues when I returned them.

      Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted 5-19-2017 9:27 PM

        Interesting.. I bet you are glad it failed now and not after you left for a vacation.

        It looks like a manufacturing defect to me. That is where the 2 haves are assembled. I hit up youtube and found a random ball valve assembly video and it looks like they are joined with some kind of epoxy or such. If it failed due to massive overheating, I would have suspected that the plastic parts would have been damaged and the handle rubber dip melted. They appear ok. Chinese valve?


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          Originally posted 5-19-2017 11:30 PM

          It is not apparent in the picture but there are some threads that broke apart.