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shower faucets must always have tub outlet soldered??

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  • shower faucets must always have tub outlet soldered??

    Originally posted 4-22-2015 4:59 PM
    By: oakman

    I wanted to replace our 40 year old shower faucet since the wall is opened up to replace the bathtub.
    I see I have to buy the trim and also the rough-in-valve, which every manufacturer seems to have their
    old type.

    But of the ones I have seen, it seems they all are made to have the tub outlet soldered to copper. I
    have copper now, but I want to go to CPVC using shark-bites/gater-bites connectors, since I have
    never soldered pipes. (I have soldered circuit boards a little, but still the thought frightens me. I
    actually installed a new shower valve 5 years ago, but I dont remember having this problem -oops,
    that was because there was no tub!)

    Any products or ideas I should look at??


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    Originally posted 4-29-2015 5:36 AM
    By: Pushkins

    They require the tub spout side of the plumbing to be copper and soldered as to reduce the stress of the plumbing when you pull or push the diverter pin on the end of the spout. Copper allows for the spout to be pulled up firm against the finished wall surface as well also reducing the movement of the spout.
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      Originally posted 4-29-2015 6:35 AM
      By: oakman

      I have since found some rough in valves which allow a screw on connector, so I could go to PVC. However, now I am looking at reusing my rough in valve, and just changing the cartridge. But I cut off my tub spout to get the old tub out and the new one in.

      I was going to use a shark-bite to reattach the tub spout (copper to copper). But perhaps you are saying it might be good for me to learn to solder, so the connection will
      be more rigid.


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        Originally posted 4-30-2015 5:44 AM
        By: Pushkins

        Either that or brace the elbow for the tub spout in the wall.


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          Originally posted 4-29-2015 6:45 AM
          By: oakman

          Yes, a good idea, and better solution for this carpenter !