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Toilet bowl filling twice

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  • Toilet bowl filling twice

    Originally posted 3-28-2015 11:37 AM
    By: ninercub23

    I replaced the flapper on my toilet and now when I flush the bowl fills with water and then empties and fills again. I've tried adjusting the chain for the flapper several time but that doesn't help. Is my flapper not heavy enough?

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    Originally posted 3-28-2015 12:51 PM

    Sounds like a normal flush cycle.

    Is the flapper staying open a long time? The flapper should close about the same time the bowl empties. At that point it should refill from the bypass tube in the tank. Watch it with the lid off. Does the flapper stay up out of the water after the tank drains? If so it has a bind. Shut the water off (or hold the float up) and move it by hand. It should move freely. If not, the bracket may be bent or too tight around the bypass/fill tube.