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  • Heil furnace

    Originally posted 9-12-2017 10:02 PM

    Ignitor comes on and seems to stay on as long as power is on. I was Thinking it should down after 3 attempts.

    I thought the burners were firing up, but only the Ignitor is coming on.

    Would this cause the blower fan not to run on auto? Installed new fan capacitor as the old one was shot.

    If I get no voltage at the gas valve, can I run 24 volts directly to it for testing purposes?

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    Originally posted 9-13-2017 5:36 PM

    No. It is in a safety lockout. You need to figure out why it is going into lockout. Often this is due to conditions that can cause excessive carbon monoxide creation, which can create a life threatening situation very quickly.

    First, since you did not provide a model number, does your furnace have a diagnostic LED or display? If so, check it's code and see what it says (let us know)

    Also, check the obvious stuff such as blocked/restricted exhaust (wasp/bird nest). Check for draft if it has a draft hood. Check the air intake if it has one for blockages or restrictions. Make sure your inducer spins freely..bearings do fail. Pressure switch issues are common on modern furnaces, but don't assume.

    We need more detailed information on the problem if the above does not help. Again, don't bypass safety devices.


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      Originally posted 9-13-2017 9:51 PM

      Will see what I find out and will try to get
      the model number.
      I did check the thermostat but only in the off position. Got 29 volts. Did not think to check with anything, cool, heat, fan, the on position to see if the circuits were closing.
      Is 29 volts too much?
      I suspect the board is bad. There is one place that looks burnt.

      After having a company out here and being told they thought the transformer was bad when it is putting out 24, thought I would see if some of you guys might guide me through checking this thing out.
      Guy had a trainee with him, so I not sure either really knew what was being check and what was not. Feel like they should have been able to check the transformer and the fan capacitor which WAS bad.

      Thanks Mr T, will try to get more info to you.


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        Testing to see if I am logged into this room.


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          If I can get logged into this room again, I will be giving more info.
          I seem to be able to log into Appliances since I changed my name and reregistered.


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            Found a bad resistor on the board. Replaced the board, cleaned the evaporator coils and checked everything I could find out to check. Called myself resetting a...rollout switch above the gas valve and igniter. Pushed in the button, but it did not seem to move.
            I might go ahead and change the inducer motor because it seems to have a slight sound in it. Not sure if it got stiff from sitting so long, or if it and or the coils caused the problem to start with.
            So far so good.

            I left the thermostat wires going to the outside compressor off. I think I am going to have to change the fan on it. Also going to put a new contractor on it. From what I can find out, many times the contactor can cause damage to the board.
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