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Bonding, Water Heater Supply Lines

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  • Bonding, Water Heater Supply Lines

    Originally posted 08-07-2018 8:51 AM
    By: MilesTX

    Hello, my home is 47 years old, the house has been in my family since it was been built. I have an indoor gas water heater, along with my washer and gas dryer all in one room, we call the ?Laundry Room?. I recent had a whole home inspection, one of the items on the inspection, was that the Water Heater water & gas supply lines needed to be BONDED with no less than #8 AWG solid copper wire. So, read up on it, and understand mostly what I need to do, except, where to lead the wire to a Ground? Not sure if I need to run a new line to the Breaker Box, or can I some how hook the wire to one of the electrical outlets? That attached picture shows the wire going to GES... are there alternate place the wire can go?

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    Thank you

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    Originally posted 08-07-2018 3:23 PM

    They can go to the combination ground/neutral bar in the main service disconnect, or to the ground electrode system. Really, you need to go to the main panel ground as that's the only way to ensure the wire is the right size. Is your cold water pipe accessible (e.g. in a basement or crawl space)? The cold water may already be bonded to the main panel close to where it enters the house (code requires that it be done within 5' of entering if the pipe is metal out in the yard. If the pipe to the house is plastic, then the cold water bond could be anywhere or might have been missed).

    Wire size is not necessarily #8. The required size is based on the service size. A 100A service would use #8 copper. A 200A service would need #4 copper. You could argue how is this piping "likely to be energized" with a gas water heater (but the gas pipe could since gas ranges have power cords). If your cold water is bonded to your service elsewhere, then just run a jumper from hot to cold to gas. #8 is better than nothing, but should be #4 if this is a 200A service. If it is not bonded, then you need to run that wire all the way back to your main panel or find some place to bond the cold water pipe to the main panel.
    Kent, WA