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    Originally posted 03-14-2018 1:07 AM
    By: tuffy

    how would i go about installing a wired door bell in a finished home i have no central heat to tie the transformer into . and i am tired of the battery operated ones.

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    Originally posted 03-14-2018 1:31 PM

    You don't have to power its transformer from the furnace circuit -- any general use circuit will do. You need to be able to run a cable between the door(s), the ringer, and the power transformer. If you have a 1 level home with an accessible attic, you could probably drill through the top plate and run the cables. Or, if you have an unfinished basement you could drill through the appropriate bottom plates. Power could come form any 120V branch circuit, and I'd try to place the transformer in a utility room or closet. The transformer needs to be accessible so it can be replaced, and it is best not to put it in a hot attic.
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      Originally posted 03-14-2018 1:55 PM
      By: tuffy

      thank you for your reply i would have never thought to put it in the closet now i have a good idea how to run the wires again thank you.