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Adding Outlet to Three Way Light Switch

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  • Adding Outlet to Three Way Light Switch

    Hello. I've read what's already been posted. Unfortunately, it doesn't help me/my case.

    I'm adding an outlet to an existing (i.e., not new construction) three-way light switch.

    The switch from which I'm adding the outlet does NOT appear to be from a power source. (There's only one set of three wires leading into it. And no wires are tied off.)

    Is there a simple way to do this?

    I'd like the outlet to retain power all the time. (That is, to NOT be controlled by the three-way switch.)

    Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Joe Michaels
    Colorado Springs, CO

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    Hi welcome to the forums....

    from your description with only one set of 3 wires at the switch and all 3 connected to the 3 way switch means unfortunately there is no grounded conductor (Neutral) present at this switch box, therefore regardless if the common screw of the 3 way switch has a always on ungrounded conductor (hot) or a fixture switched hot feed, without a neutral you have no power source to extend to a new outlet.

    wish I could give better news.
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      You have what is called a switch loop. There is no neutral in that switch box. All the wires are used as part of the switch circuit.
      You need to find another source of power for your receptacle. There is no way to add a receptacle to the three way without pulling new cables.
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        If you cannot come off the light switch, you might want to consider a receptacle nearby or on the other side of the wall that is nearby.


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